Saturday, June 12, 2010

Health Care!

We finally got all our bills in the mail for my lovely "little" surgical procedure a month and a half ago. Whew! I had no idea. The grand total for everything, including anethesiologist, doctor, and hospital services came to almost $25,000. How can the medical profession sleep at night?!

This included $40 charges for 9 different drugs. Are they serious? First of all, I only remember taking ONE pill, so anything else should have fallen under the anethesiologist, right? And $40 a pop! I wonder if they would have let me bring my own Tylenol in. The worst was over $16,000 for supplies. I guess that included my spiffy heated hospital gown and purple slippers. At least I got to bring the slippers home, and the plastic bag they came in. At $16,000, though, I may never wear them again--maybe they'd better be served in a frame on my wall.

Having been relatively healthy my entire life, I had no idea how ridiculous health care is! And I don't think Mr. Obama's plan is going to make it any better. (BTW, have you heard that Canada--which we based our new health care plan on--is revisiting their health care system because it's going bankrupt. Great! So glad we've got that to look forward to!) It just irritates me to no end that they can charge so much for stupid little things...and there's no one to complain to! I would have preferred a bill that listed rental costs for the hospital for 4 hours, and the wages of each nurse that served me for 4 hours, and the rental cost of the beds and chairs I sat in over the course of the 4 hours, the cost of electricity they used on me, etc...and then a buck for the Ibuprofen, $5 for the slippers, etc...That would have been at least a little more palatable.

But what can I do?

Shut up and pay my $6,000 deductible. The crazy thing is the $6,000 now seems like I got a good deal (compared to $25,000!)...which is disturbing on a whole new level. Since when am I okay with a $6,000 bill?!?! Fortunately, God has provided in some unexpected ways, so with a little budget-adjusting, we'll be able to pay it off before I get my final paycheck at the end of this month. But it still makes me mad!

Especially since the procedure didn't do me any good.


  1. That sucks Rachel. I'm sorry to hear it. Although I don't have to pay for giving birth, I got to see the bills. It was $12,000 to have Easton. I don't even want to think about how much it cost for him to stay in the hospital for over 2 weeks after that. Man, with all the tests he did, I believe it was of $100k!

  2. that's insane. i saw the bill after having caleb, and it was over $30k. CRAZY. glad the Lord provided in unexpected ways, though!

  3. So often people have to go bankrupt because they just can't pay- the don't have any insurance, or even a few thousand is too much. It's too bad. I makes me thankful to have Kaiser. I know people complain about it, but I had a c-section and a hospital stay for $0.00, and an excellent surgeon. It is crazy to see the bill that is sent from the hospital for how much little things cost though like tylenol changing a babies dipaer (okay doesn't say that specifically, but that's part of the nursing care : )-)! Plus they don't let you bring in your own prescription drugs from home, they have to provide them to you in the hospital, and off course for charge!