Sunday, March 20, 2011

Favorite Things

I love spring time. The ugly fog that usually blankets us April through June here on the coast, not so much. But the vast blooming of all the plants and flowers, love it! One of my favorite flowers is jasmine. The sweet scent wafting on warm evening breezes is truly sublime. And my jasmine have bloomed. Ahh, delight! I know I only have about two weeks with them, so I am trying to sniff my fill and admire them as much as I can. God is a beautiful creator!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucky Day?

Being a fraction Irish, my mom always made a big deal about St. Patrick's Day growing up, complete with the corned beef and cabbage dinner...which I hated. So no more salty meat and pointless veggies for me, but I did make sure my family wore green today, including a shamrock onesie I made for Jadon last night. I used iron-on bonding, and then wrote "Mr. Lucky" in fabric paint. Unfortunately, the letters got a bit smeary, which is understandable because I was rushing to finish it as I should have been in bed. Oh well. At least he doesn't need to wear it after today. I made Jim take a picture of us, also to get a shot of my new "do" (which by the way is completely don't judge it by this shot!) (It definitely is serving it's purpose of being easy maintenance, though! Yay!) :o)In other news, today was quite eventful in terms of when Jim went to change his diaper after getting home from work. They have a new tradition of wrestling during diaper changes, which usually results in Jadon sprinting away (read: quickly crawling) from Jim, naked. Jim decided to read Jadon a story during this "free" time today, which Jadon had no interest in. He would rather explore. So while Jim is reading this story, suddenly he yells "Oh no!" and I rush in to find Jadon standing at his night stand...and pooping. Oh yes, a nice big pile of mush on the carpet. Lovely. We both gave a little shout, which scared [the poop out of] poor Jadon and he started crying and reaching up for us to pick him up. Not yet little fella! Needless to say, that was a bit of a mess!

Later, I was washing bottles, Jim was watching March Madness, and Jadon (fully clothed this time) was continuing on with his explorations downstairs. Suddenly we heard him shrieking and looked over by our sliding glass door...and there was Jadon on his back with a plant toppled on top of him. The plant is actually pretty light, and I think it just scared him more than anything, but he did have potting soil all over him. Poor lad. What a night!

Of course, in neither of these moments was my camera anywhere within reach (nor would that have probably been the best thing for a caring, compassionate mother to do before consoling her child...but it would have made for some great photos!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A moment of in[spiration][sanity]

Jadon is cutting one of his top teeth. He hasn't slept much the past 2 nights. Which means I've slept event less. Poor little guy. He's usually okay during the day, just a little more needy. Which just so happened to correspond to the moment I decided to take a shower this afternoon. The shampoo was just sudsing up my hair when his cute little face pulled up to the shower and peered in...and burst out in a full-on meltdown. He wanted to be able to see me...but when I opened the curtain up, water splashed in his face and brought on an even bigger torrent of tears. What he really needed was a hug...but that's a little hard to do when you're all wet and soapy.

I rushed through, dried off, and picked my little guy up, and he was immediately fine again, making faces at himself in our mirrored closet doors. So I started combing my hair, annoyed once again at its limp, stringy lameness. I've been talking about cutting it for awhile now, but just haven't had the guts to do so. I put it in a ponytail and tried to picture it shorter. And then in a burst of either inspiration or insanity, I pulled out the scissors and started to cut before I got squeamish. And of course, Jadon chose this moment to crawl around the corner and start hugging my legs wanting to be picked up again. But I was committed...I couldn't stop halfway. So with a crying baby clinging to my leg, I finished the chop, chop, chopping as fast as I could, and then picked him up, let him tuck (his sleepy pose), and he was promptly asleep. Poor little guy. After placing him in his crib (which he is finally great at napping in! Yay!), I went back to survey the damage. It's hard to tell until the next morning, but so far, I think I like it. Ahhhh, motherhood...

Friday, March 11, 2011


One of my favorite family traditions growing up was going to the nearest drive-in theater. In spite of most of these nostalgic theaters closing up and turning into swap meets these days, Jim and I have found one about an hour away in Imperial Beach, the last town in California before you cross the border into Mexico. We've had a ton of fun packing up the Jeep with pillows and blankets and snacks and enjoying our own private double feature, complete with surround sound. Sometimes we'll spend the night at onr of our bargain hotels and hang out at the beach the next day. Great times. And we can't wait to continue this tradition with our kids.

Soooo...last night we tried it with Jadon.

Let's just say we probably won't be doing that again soon.

We hadn't unzipped the Jeep from winter yet, and the zipper got stuck to open up the back. And with Jadon's carseat, we had to keep the back seat in until we got there, then unload, then reload, and we were all squished. And Jadon chose last night to be one of his rare fussy nights, so one of us had to stand outside and bounce him almost the entire first feature. So I didn't get a single photo of Jadon's first time at the drive-ins. Sad. Oh! and the theater changed their rules so that you can no longer skip from one screen to another one in between movies, so you're stuck with whatever pairing they chose...which usually isn't what we want. Hmph!

So until we get a bigger car, and Jadon gets a wee bit older, we're probably going to put this tradition on hold. Hopefully they won't close down by then!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


First, sorry to Sarah...I know it's been like 2 weeks since I last posted...So many posts have been written in my mind, but I just never got around to writing them down, so now they're probably lost forever. Oh well...

Well, since Jadon just went down for a nap, and we finished the latest draft of the script two days ago, and I don't feel like cleaning the house...what else can I do right now? Update my blog! :o)

In spite of what I think is too busy, I have somehow found time to be at least a little creative the last few weeks. So here is a synopsis:

Week 23: My sister-in-law Becky made these awesome flower pins for Christmas, and it inspired me to make a few for my hair. (Oh how I wish I had a baby girl at this point, so I could make some for her. Besides the fact that Jadon has no hair, I'm pretty sure Jim would not support me putting flowers in his hair!) I won't give the tutorial here...if you want to make some for yourself, they are so easy, and there are tons of blog posts out there to show you how to do it better than I could. Basically, though, for this type of flower, you simply need satin ribbon or other fabric that singes but doesn't burn when exposed to flame. (I had to test out quite a few from my scrap fabric bin!) Then you simply cut however many layers of circles you want, expose the edges to a flame (I used a kitchen lighter), sew the layers together, and add beads in the center if you want. I hot glued a couple to hair bands and a couple to hair clips. So easy! I love them!

Week 24: This week was a busy one, but fortunately it was a MOPS week, and this is the craft we made there: a neck warmer. Again, so easy! All you need is a pound of flax seed (apparently Henry's is a great place to find this), a sock, and a towel (or scrap of fabric), and ribbon....Pour the flax seed into the sock, tie it closed, wrap it in the towel, tie the ends with the ribbon, and then put it in the microwave for 60 seconds at a time (careful, apparently flax gets hotter and can burn you!)

Week 25: OK, I have found a new addiction, one that has deprived me of sleep many nights this week after Jadon went to bed. Jim was away at a pastors' retreat , so I figured "why not?"...Each morning, my tired self answered that question, but each night I got sucked in once again...
What is this dangerous past time? Digital Scrapbooking! I am FINALLY starting Jadon's baby book, and I'm having so. much. fun! I am using Photoshop Elements as the basic program, and then spent about $30 of digital papers, alphabets, and elements at Funky Playground Designs (there are so many of these could spend a fortune if you weren't careful!). Then I watched a few online tutorials and have been learning as I go. It's awesome. So much more flexibility than working with paper. And if you mess up, no problem, you can do it over. When Jadon wakes up, I simply close the computer and there's no mess to clean up. Wow! And apparently, it's pretty easy to print your pages at Shutterfly. I imagine this will be my creative endeavor for the next while. You should try it! :o)