Friday, March 11, 2011


One of my favorite family traditions growing up was going to the nearest drive-in theater. In spite of most of these nostalgic theaters closing up and turning into swap meets these days, Jim and I have found one about an hour away in Imperial Beach, the last town in California before you cross the border into Mexico. We've had a ton of fun packing up the Jeep with pillows and blankets and snacks and enjoying our own private double feature, complete with surround sound. Sometimes we'll spend the night at onr of our bargain hotels and hang out at the beach the next day. Great times. And we can't wait to continue this tradition with our kids.

Soooo...last night we tried it with Jadon.

Let's just say we probably won't be doing that again soon.

We hadn't unzipped the Jeep from winter yet, and the zipper got stuck to open up the back. And with Jadon's carseat, we had to keep the back seat in until we got there, then unload, then reload, and we were all squished. And Jadon chose last night to be one of his rare fussy nights, so one of us had to stand outside and bounce him almost the entire first feature. So I didn't get a single photo of Jadon's first time at the drive-ins. Sad. Oh! and the theater changed their rules so that you can no longer skip from one screen to another one in between movies, so you're stuck with whatever pairing they chose...which usually isn't what we want. Hmph!

So until we get a bigger car, and Jadon gets a wee bit older, we're probably going to put this tradition on hold. Hopefully they won't close down by then!

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