Saturday, March 5, 2011


First, sorry to Sarah...I know it's been like 2 weeks since I last posted...So many posts have been written in my mind, but I just never got around to writing them down, so now they're probably lost forever. Oh well...

Well, since Jadon just went down for a nap, and we finished the latest draft of the script two days ago, and I don't feel like cleaning the house...what else can I do right now? Update my blog! :o)

In spite of what I think is too busy, I have somehow found time to be at least a little creative the last few weeks. So here is a synopsis:

Week 23: My sister-in-law Becky made these awesome flower pins for Christmas, and it inspired me to make a few for my hair. (Oh how I wish I had a baby girl at this point, so I could make some for her. Besides the fact that Jadon has no hair, I'm pretty sure Jim would not support me putting flowers in his hair!) I won't give the tutorial here...if you want to make some for yourself, they are so easy, and there are tons of blog posts out there to show you how to do it better than I could. Basically, though, for this type of flower, you simply need satin ribbon or other fabric that singes but doesn't burn when exposed to flame. (I had to test out quite a few from my scrap fabric bin!) Then you simply cut however many layers of circles you want, expose the edges to a flame (I used a kitchen lighter), sew the layers together, and add beads in the center if you want. I hot glued a couple to hair bands and a couple to hair clips. So easy! I love them!

Week 24: This week was a busy one, but fortunately it was a MOPS week, and this is the craft we made there: a neck warmer. Again, so easy! All you need is a pound of flax seed (apparently Henry's is a great place to find this), a sock, and a towel (or scrap of fabric), and ribbon....Pour the flax seed into the sock, tie it closed, wrap it in the towel, tie the ends with the ribbon, and then put it in the microwave for 60 seconds at a time (careful, apparently flax gets hotter and can burn you!)

Week 25: OK, I have found a new addiction, one that has deprived me of sleep many nights this week after Jadon went to bed. Jim was away at a pastors' retreat , so I figured "why not?"...Each morning, my tired self answered that question, but each night I got sucked in once again...
What is this dangerous past time? Digital Scrapbooking! I am FINALLY starting Jadon's baby book, and I'm having so. much. fun! I am using Photoshop Elements as the basic program, and then spent about $30 of digital papers, alphabets, and elements at Funky Playground Designs (there are so many of these could spend a fortune if you weren't careful!). Then I watched a few online tutorials and have been learning as I go. It's awesome. So much more flexibility than working with paper. And if you mess up, no problem, you can do it over. When Jadon wakes up, I simply close the computer and there's no mess to clean up. Wow! And apparently, it's pretty easy to print your pages at Shutterfly. I imagine this will be my creative endeavor for the next while. You should try it! :o)


  1. Love love love how all your flowers turned out! And I can't wait to see the digital scrapbook that you're working looks like the digital Creative Memories ones but maybe less expensive...??

  2. Rachel - if you're looking for a little girl to make flowers for - Hannah would love some! :) They are gorgeous!