Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucky Day?

Being a fraction Irish, my mom always made a big deal about St. Patrick's Day growing up, complete with the corned beef and cabbage dinner...which I hated. So no more salty meat and pointless veggies for me, but I did make sure my family wore green today, including a shamrock onesie I made for Jadon last night. I used iron-on bonding, and then wrote "Mr. Lucky" in fabric paint. Unfortunately, the letters got a bit smeary, which is understandable because I was rushing to finish it as I should have been in bed. Oh well. At least he doesn't need to wear it after today. I made Jim take a picture of us, also to get a shot of my new "do" (which by the way is completely don't judge it by this shot!) (It definitely is serving it's purpose of being easy maintenance, though! Yay!) :o)In other news, today was quite eventful in terms of when Jim went to change his diaper after getting home from work. They have a new tradition of wrestling during diaper changes, which usually results in Jadon sprinting away (read: quickly crawling) from Jim, naked. Jim decided to read Jadon a story during this "free" time today, which Jadon had no interest in. He would rather explore. So while Jim is reading this story, suddenly he yells "Oh no!" and I rush in to find Jadon standing at his night stand...and pooping. Oh yes, a nice big pile of mush on the carpet. Lovely. We both gave a little shout, which scared [the poop out of] poor Jadon and he started crying and reaching up for us to pick him up. Not yet little fella! Needless to say, that was a bit of a mess!

Later, I was washing bottles, Jim was watching March Madness, and Jadon (fully clothed this time) was continuing on with his explorations downstairs. Suddenly we heard him shrieking and looked over by our sliding glass door...and there was Jadon on his back with a plant toppled on top of him. The plant is actually pretty light, and I think it just scared him more than anything, but he did have potting soil all over him. Poor lad. What a night!

Of course, in neither of these moments was my camera anywhere within reach (nor would that have probably been the best thing for a caring, compassionate mother to do before consoling her child...but it would have made for some great photos!)

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