Sunday, August 15, 2010

Showered with Blessings!

OK, I'm a little slow here, but two weeks ago, some ladies from my church hosted a baby shower for Jadon. He is the answer to so many people's prayers, so it turned out that a ton of people wanted to come and support him...which was a wee bit overwhelming...and humbling! The ladies planned a few games and normal baby shower activities, but after a brief opening ice-breaker, we got started on presents, and that took the entire rest of the time...which was a little awkward, to say the least! But I/we totally felt loved! Thanks to all the women who planned and organized it, to everyone who came and gave so generously, to Jadon's "extended" family whose support means so much, to my teacher buddies who stepped into my "other" world, to friends who drove long ways to get here, and to everyone for enduring so graciously watching me open presents!


  1. so precious!!! I wish I could've been there... I'm happy you have an awesome "family" to take care of you and spoil you and host your party even while I can't. love you!!!

  2. That is CRAZY! It made me anxious seeing you sitting in front of all those people. =) But it's a good crazy. Glad you were showered with blessings!