Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My mom is an amazing mother! She grew up without one, but somehow figured out how to be everything she missed out on and more. While my sister and I were growing up, she put everything in her life on hold, and we became her life. She loved (and still loves) us more than anything except God. I have such good memories from my childhood. She played with us, did craft projects with us, allowed us to destroy the house in the name of setting up forts or orphanages or Barbie mansions or racetracks or...She took us to the library and then out to lunch every week. She spent hours cleaning up horse poop (and conquering her fear of horses) so that we could have free riding lessons. And she cuddled with us...

One of our favorite spots to sit in her lap and cuddle was this rocking chair:

So when she told me this summer that she was finally going to get rid of it, I was shocked. And then, when we got Jadon, I devised a rescue plan. I talked my dad into hauling it all the way down here, and then I got to work on giving it a face lift of sorts. (Not that 70's gold isn't my favorite color, but y'know...)

This was my first serious slipcovering project, and so I first decided to create a pattern out of scrap packing paper:

Then I got to sewing, even making my own piping for the edges. I discovered that my two favorite new tools are my zipper foot for my sewing machine (it's so much easier to use than I thought!!!) and my $2 seam ripper from Walmart (oh how many times I used that life saver!!!).

And here is the final product:
It may not win any design prizes, but I'm happy with it.
And I hope Jadon gets as many happy memories here as I did...and that I can come close to being as good of a mom as mine is!


  1. what a sweet post to your Mom. The chair looks amazing and it's still comfy too!

  2. wow, you're amazing rachie!!! we do have an amazing mom!!! I'm so glad you could rescue that old rocker! love you! and yes, you are an amazing mommy too, and Jadon is sooooo blessed to be your son!

  3. So Nice! Jadon is a LUCKY guy!! xoxo