Friday, November 9, 2012

Ooh la la!

Last weekend, we got to go up to Torrance to celebrate our (Jim's) nieces' birthdays. Kylie turned 3 the week before and Evie turns 1 this weekend, so they decided to do an adorable Paris-themed double party. It was so cute.
 (I love how Kylie casually sneaked into the shot here to munch on some forbidden cheese before the party began!)
The bounce house was a HUGE hit...for both kids AND adults! (Notice Jadon in his diaper. I think he's lost weight, because jeans that fit him just a little loose before now won't stay on him for anything! Of course, it doesn't help that he'd rather be naked, but that's a whole other issue!)

 Here's Jadon fully clothed, looking dapper in his beret and v-necked sweater and munching on a croissant:
Jadon went over to give Evie a kiss after she blew out her first candle and indulged in her first taste of sugar, but she was more interested in sharing her newly discovered sweets with him. I love this shot! Jadon was like, what's the big deal, I've been eating this stuff for almost a year and a half, ha! :)

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