Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back to SAHM

I took an 8-day sub job for the first two weeks of school this month, which again made me super appreciate the blessing of being able to usually be a Stay At Home Mom. The sub job was great--honors and AP English, great kids, easy lessons, lots of independent work. I even got almost caught up on email!...Man, if I could have a job with classes like those and no lesson planning or grading, I just might be interested in going back to teaching. Ha!
But as easy as it was, I still feel like my mothering suffered. Once I got home, Jadon was starved for my attention, but I still had to cook, clean, etc...and by the end of the week, he was definitely a little more ornery than normal.
But this week was back to normal, and I had a ton of activities to catch up on!
Jim's sister Becky drove down for a visit with both her girls. They endured crazy traffic, and we were so glad they did. Jadon couldn't stop talking about Kylie, and he had so much fun showing her all his toys (and I really mean ALL...his ornery side was definitely in full swing, and dumping out all the bins seemed to be his method of choice to express it!). I wish I would have taken some pictures. Kylie was a fun park and trampoline companion, and Jadon loved showing little Evie some tricks for going up and down stairs.

MLK Jr. Day, so Austin had no school. After catching up on a few things in the morning, we spent the afternoon at Legoland and had a blast! Austin is definitely more fun for Jadon at the parks than Jim and I are!

Zoo day with my friend Lindsey and her new 2-year-old foster daughter. It was gorgeous-almost-too-hot-but-I-ain't-complaining! weather (I love living in So Cal!!!), and we got to see a lot of cool activity with the animals, especially the polar bears, which rarely happens. They were swimming and wrestling and playing around.

 (Just had to show these next two pictures...that Jadon took. He's getting to be quite the photographer. Of course, these were the only two good ones out of about 50 butt and floor shots, but hey, not bad :))

Playdate with friend Sarah and her son Andrew, then whisk off down to San Diego again for  our first court date pursuing guardianship for Austin (long story, which I will share more of when we figure out what exactly is going on). As far as progress goes, the afternoon was a total waste, but we had fun family time and celebrated that with McDonald's french fries all around (that's how we bribed Jadon to be on his best behavior!)

MOPS playdate, visit with my parents who are back in town at their new (yucky dirty) house (yay!), and then date night with the hubby at good ol' Chipotle.

After all that excitement, it was time to finally spend a day in, but even that was far from boring as our potty training adventure began...(See next post) :)

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