Friday, May 31, 2013

May Days

After my birthday weekend and Mothers' Day, our celebrations just kept rolling. The weekend of the 18-19th, Jim's mom came for a visit.
On Saturday, we headed to the San Diego Safari Park. It's a lot more wide open than the zoo, so you don't end up seeing as many animals, but I love all the lush trees and bushes and nature all around you.
I took my nifty new camera our for a test drive, and even though Jim made fun of my touristy appearance, I had fun snapping lots of shots. I'm not sure they ended up any better than my little Kodak point and shoot, but I had fun feeling like they were better! :)

 (Jadon's favorite animal, the lion, aka "rawr" aka "Simba". It was so cool how close you could get to them behind the glass!)

 (Last time I had come to the Safari Park, the splash pad hadn't been open. Note to self: next time bring a change of clothes! Jadon LOVES water and WILL get wet!)

On Sunday, we did the normal church routine, and then in the evening, Sue encouraged us to go out on a date while she bonded with Jadon. They had fun going to the park and stuff, and we went to see The Great Gatsby (Jim's choice!). Baz Luhrmann did a great job of recreating Fitzgerald's classic story, even if it wasn't purely tied to the text, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you Grandma B!

The next weekend was Memorial Day, which we celebrated on Monday by going to the zoo with friends from our small group, George, Kristen, and Molly, and Jon, Lindsey, Emma, and Jeremiah and Lindsey's sister Bethany. Now that we all have passes, we moms look forward to many more of these trips...and the guys were sure troopers along for the ride.

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