Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am 32 oh baby

Jim thought he'd write my blog today. What a funny guy...

Today I got the greatest gift from my amazing husband. He really thought about stuff that I would like and then turned it into a really creative coupon book. Every day I am just blown away how God has blessed me with a great husband. To think that we’re age 32 together for the next five weeks is really cool too because now he can’t say to respect my elders anymore. Oh, what were the items in the coupon book. Okay, I’ll tell ya. There was a cruise trip, chik fliks at Red Box, a future iPhone, Buns of Steel DVD workout together, walks and my favorite: a no fart promise on nights I present the coupon. Seriously, Jim is just so romantic that he would even write this blog for me. Oh yeah, this is the last coupon, that he would write my birthday blog for me. What a guy...seriously.

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  1. Ah! That's so adorable! DEFINITELY use the no-fart pass! That's too funny! Have a happy 32nd b-day Rachel. You deserve it!