Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

For the record, when you want to be a mom and can't, this holiday officially sucks. If I didn't have such a great mom and mom-in-law, I'd boycott it altogether.

The good news is, this time next year I should have a much more optimistic opinion about the day, and Jim had better be buying me some flowers! :o)

The other good news is Jim and I escaped to Lake Arrowhead this weekend and ditched church so I wouldn't be bummed by any of those carnations-for-the-moms celebrations. Holed away in our friends' fabulous "cabin", I'm going to go figure out what Jake does after he and Amy...Oh! I probably shouldn't be giving away these details, huh? Hee hee hee...You'll just have to wait and see.


  1. You know, honestly, instead of just celebrating Mothers, it should be a celebration of every woman who has been an influence, a care-taker, etc of a child! Seriously. I was thinking about you this morning when I woke up for some reason, and I was thinking that while I do have kids, honestly, you have definitely made such a huge impact on so many, many more kids than I have, and probably in a more profound way than I have, as you deal with them at such an important stage of life! So, I hope you have a special, productive, relaxing weekend (or at least, what's left of it) and please know how special and important you are to sooo many kids out there! =)

  2. ps... this isn't Matt commenting... I just have no computer anymore, so I'm getting a rare moment on his!


  3. So sorry, Rachel. I actually prayed for you last night. You came into my mind, and I prayed for that little child{ren} God is bringing into your lives! The place looks fantastic--glad you were able to get away. =)