Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun with Flowers

I forget how much I love flowers. Whenever I buy them for myself, it just puts me in a good mood. I think I like them even more when I buy them for myself than when Jim buys them (I know, weird, huh?) (not that I don't like them from Jim, too!). So last week we had friends over several times, and I realized that was a perfect opportunity for me to buy a few cheap bunches from Trader Joe's. Yay! I took like a month and a half off of the Creativity Project over the holidays and being with family and all, but by my accounting, this should have been week 21, and I'm using my flower arranging as my creative endeavor...

I think these Stargazer Lilies are my new favorite flower. They just smell sooooo good, and their fragrance fills the whole room. I love walking downstairs and suddenly catching a whiff. Mmmmmmm! The "vase" that they're in actually was a candle holder, but a couple months ago I got some flowers and thought they would look so pretty in it. Unfortunately it was not waterproof, and over the course of the life of the flowers, it leaked all over. So I bought a tube of bathroom sealant and sealed the snot out of it, and whala! A beautiful vase...
I must say, I like my photography on this one. :o) After a few days of a traditional bouquet, I decided to use my 8-candle candelabra for a more unique display (what is it with me and using candle holders for flowers?). I don't think this will be the last time I do so!

Ah, flowers. So cheerful!...I'm curious: What flower makes you most happy, and why?


  1. I probably buy flowers from TJs at least every other week for our kitchen table. My favorites are white hydrangea. I love putting them in a white Ikea pitcher I have. Nice job on your creative displays! They look beautiful.

  2. I buy red alstromeiria (sp) for my kitchen and they last 2 weeks! Amazing! And the ones I put outside my front door, even last longer!

    I like buying them for myself too, Rachel! Good for you, they look lovely!

  3. ooooh... so pretty.... and I like buying flowers for myself too! i need your creativity to rub off on me!!! :-)