Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Somebody's moving closer!"

For the past month, Jadon has been excitedly declaring "Somebody's moving closer!" frequently at random times throughout the day. He has been so excited for his cousin Kylie (and cousin Evie, and Uncle Matt and Aunt Becky) to move from Torrance down to San Clemente. This relocation shortens the distance between us from nearly 2 hours to less than 45 minutes, and we are all looking forward hanging out with them more!

Moving day was Tuesday, June 4, so to help out a bit, we took the girls while the movers moved everything into their new house. The cousins had tons of fun playing in the water and on the trampoline and at the park. Jim came home from work early, and then after dinner, we all went to youth group at church before taking the girls back to their house.

Now, Jadon keeps saying "Somebody's moving closer!" but I think it's his way of saying "Somebody moved closer and I can't wait to see her again!"

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