Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Passover Treats

Passover begins next week and we are gearing up in preparation. Thanks to my friend Patty Kepley (who is majorly helping with the food preparation on Monday!) who shared her idea for Chocolate Covered Matzos, I attempted this leaven-free dessert last night. Not bad! Kind of bland, but sort of like unsalted-chocolate covered pretzels.

Thanks Patty!


  1. Mmmm! That actually makes Matzo look good!

  2. Hey! wait a sec!!! i've soooooo made you something like this before!!?!??!?! use sweetened milk chocolate... even drizzle with white cholocate and chopped almonds and/or caramel... YUM... and don't forget the matzah pizza's!!! YAY for matzah!!!! making me salivate :-)