Sunday, December 16, 2012


Living in Southern California, we are surrounded by fun activities to do with kids. One of the amusement parks that we have been wanting to do for years is practically in our back yard: Legoland. On a recent trip to Costco, they were having a 1-weekend-only special on their 3-month Legoland passes. What usually costs $79 was $59 (which is cheaper than a 1-day pass!) I jumped on them.
We went as a family last weekend, and then again with a friend on Friday. So. much. fun. (for Jadon at least!)
 Legoland is brilliant, with Lego play areas while you're waiting in line for many of the rides. Jadon isn't all that into quiet, independent play, but since most of the lines were less than 15 minutes, it was perfect!

Jadon's favorite vehicles right now are Jeeps (like daddy's), helicopters, and airplanes. Legoland nailed this one, too:
Oh yeah, and then there was the big water area. Jadon was ready to run right into the splash pad area, clothes and all (seriously, why would they have that running in the middle of winter?!)...Fortunately, he was running with such gusto that he slipped right before he reached the spray, which gave us enough time to catch up and divert his attention to the other water activities that kept him the water cannons:

 He wasn't too sure what to make of all the Lego statues everywhere. They were pretty creative:
But he LOVED "The Scary" (an adventure walk-through that snaked through the jungle, the ancient pyramids, and an ice field, all dark and with kind of creepy music and scary-ish animals that move out at you). He held on tight, but insisted on walking through it at least 5 times until we finally promised to come back another time...Next visit with his friend, he recognized the building from far away and wouldn't rest until we went through it several more times (in spite of his friend sitting outside with her mom because it was too scary). Now "the scary" is all he talks about. Oh boy.

And talking about "scary", this is the awesome face I just so happened to catch as he watched the roller coaster we were waiting for whiz by. He loved it. This kid is fearless.

The day we went, they were open for a couple extra hours for their holiday light display. Not too awesome, but we still had fun. 

Going with Jadon's friend Danica was another fun adventure, as they got to go on some rides just the two of them...and even got to play in the snow (big deal for us San Diegans!): 


Definitely fun times! Now we can't wait for "dampa and nama" to come down--we got them passes, too, and Jadon keeps talking about going back to "Lololand" and "the scary" with them. They'll be here in 3 days. Yay!

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  1. how fun! I've been wanting to try legoland sometime- sounds like you got a good deal. I can't believe he loves to be scared- Kylie would totally freak out and cry!