Friday, February 1, 2013

Accepting Defeat (a.k.a. Adventures in Potty Training Part 2)

Well, it's official.
After 6 days of concerted effort, I have conceded my potty training activities for the time being.
And I must say, both jadon and I seem a lot happier.
We truly gave it our best shot, but apparently the window I was afraid of missing was never open to begin with. And I am totally okay with that. It sure didn't help that Day 2 (Saturday)  Jadon woke up with a nasty cold and was a never-ending snot faucet for the next 36 hours. He obviously didn't feel very good, and who wants to learn something new when you feel sick? I sure don't. He survived that day with a few successes, and then Sunday morning my mom stayed home with him from church and introduced lollipops into the mix, and that was a huge game changer, but he was getting more stressed the more days went by.

 Then Jim was gone for a pastors' retreat Tuesday and Wednesday, and after nap on Wednesday, I just couldn't bring myself to take off the diaper. Mind you, Jadon had had zero accidents that morning, but neither had he drank much, and I was concerned he was getting dehydrated. So after nap, I didn't mention diaper or potty, and he started drinking more, and seeming less irritable. We had Bible study that night, so a diaper made sense again since I just didn't have the energy to keep doing the potty reminders on my own. Good thing, too, because in the course of the next 2 hours, he had 3 (!) poops, and if that would have happened in underwear, I'm pretty sure I would have dissolved into a puddle of tears at that point. Then Thursday, we went to Legoland, and that is definitely not a fun place to potty train.
So, yeah, I'm done... for now at least. Maybe I'll try again in a couple more weeks, maybe a couple more months. For me, diapers are much more convenient anyway, so I'm in no rush. And the more I tell people, the more I'm discovering that I'm not the only parent who fails at the 3-day method. :)
And in celebration of that glorious fact, here are some pictures from our very enjoyable diapered day at Legoland...

And isn't this seriously the cutest picture of Jadon and Molly! 
Kristen and I ran around the corner trying to keep up, and this is what we found. Fortunately, she was quick enough to capture it on camera. :) Jadon slowed down long enough to walk with Molly for almost a full 30 seconds, which is like an eternity in his book, ha!

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  1. Yeah, I don't follow a 3-day potty training method either. In reality, I've had one do it in 2 weeks, but 6 weeks seems to be more common. Don't worry. It will happen!