Friday, February 1, 2013

Growing up too fast?

So, last night, Jadon was invited to his first high school party...without us!
Yikes! I thought I still had a few years before dealing with that issue!
One of Austin's friends was having a birthday party, and her mom specifically asked if Jadon could come, too. To be honest, I was shocked that  Austin didn't mind bringing him...let's just say, Jadon has the tendency to be an attention hog. But then again, for a teenage guy going to a party with lots of girls, yeah, Jadon is kind of a good source of attention. :)
So, after a stern lecture about the perils of teenage partying *wink*, we let him go for an hour. Austin was great, carrying his backpack and walking him down the street on his own, and based on Jadon's exuberance when he returned home at 9pm, Jadon had a great time, if not a little too much sugar.

Kind of like his first day of school, I had to get a photo documenting this first party:

Jadon practicing his cool look before the party (he discovered his pockets and has the funniest little pose!):

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