Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrities Who Adopt

We're in the middle of state testing, so I've had a little more time for distractions in the mornings. Today, when I opened up the CNN homepage, my eyes caught a link to about celebrities who adopt. I, of course, was hooked. I expected some of them, but was surprised by many. Besides obvious ones like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and of course Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there were a lot of favorites like Julie Andrews, Sheryl Crow, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg Ryan, Nia Vardalos, Kirstie Alley, Barbar Walters, Steven Spielberg, Calista Flockart, Burt Reynolds...Mia Farrow adopted 11!!! (in addition to 4 of her own). Bob Hope and his wife adopted 4--and stayed married for 69 years! That's amazing in Hollywood! Katherine Heigl just adopted a special needs little girl from Korea with her husband.
Many of them dealt with infertility first, but some of them were simply passionate about adoption. It was so cool and I was so inspired. (And I must back I had to swallow back a few tears!)

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  1. How cool! Saw those pictures today too after clicking through from something else.