Friday, April 2, 2010

Miracle Stain Remover

It's Good Friday, so I probably should be exploring the miraculous death and resurrection of Jesus, whose generous death on the cross amazingly removed the stain of sin in our lives, past, present, and future. That truly is something to brag about while remaining humbly grateful.

At the same time, I have another stain remover, in a bottle, I must brag about. My sister's friend Janna gave me a bottle of this "SoilLove" from the 99c store, right before Sarah's wedding. She claimed it was amazing stuff that she bought by the case load. I must admit, I was skeptical. I mean, it was only 99c. Oxyclean doesn't even work that well, and it costs a whole bunch more! I used it once on a minor stain, and I think the stain went away, but I didn't really notice. The cheap green bottle sat untouched in the cabinet above my washer.

Until... crisp white table cloths were marred by huge ugly purple stains from the Passover Seder we did at church. (Note to self: kids + grape juice = big mess.) I was bummed and set them aside for several days, not wanting to face the reality of the ruin. Finally, I figured I might as well see if a combination of all my costly stain removers plus a gallon or so of bleach could get the table cloths back to at least a semi-usable state for next year. I reached for the Oxyclean and my hand bumped into SoilLove. Hmmm...Why not? With no expectations, I poured a little onto the ugliest of purple stains, and my breath was taken away by what I saw. I fell in Love! I grabbed my camera and tackled the next tablecloth. Let me show you what I discovered:

This transformation took place within the span of less than a minute. Every one of my crisp white tablecloths is perfectly clean. It's amazing.
Alot like what Christ did to my heart.


  1. My mom and I have been using SoilLove for YEARS. It's great, isn't it?!

  2. wowee! i'm gonna have to check that stuff out! have you used it on anything colored yet?

  3. I used it on a colored shirt that had flower pollen on it originally. I guess it worked okay but not nearly as impressive. The color stayed ok though.