Friday, August 5, 2011

County Fair

Oops, in my haste to record noteworthy events of this summer, I skipped too far forward and totally forgot about Jadon's first trip to the Del Mar Fair in June! We bought a 4-pack of tickets at Costco, excited to double date with some friends or go with my parents. But when everyone's plans kept leaving us stranded, we called some kids from our youth group who have a "less active" social life, and ended up having a blast! They loved on Jadon, and it kind of felt like having a family of 5. So here are some picture highlights:

The "family photo" :) (Sorry, Jadon!)
Jadon gets his own photo. Notice his cool kicks. Those were mine when I was a kiddo. Thanks mom for saving/finding them!

Jadon loves animals, and was pretty enthralled by the goats. For the first time, Jim had a little interest in walking through the animal area. Kids are so cool!

And of course we let Jadon experience his first Turkey Stampede and Pig Races. Too bad we got to both too late to get a good seat, so Jadon wasn't too interested...

I got to take Jadon on his first ever "ride"...the "Monkey Maze". It seemed appropriate. The first half was a mirror maze, which used to be my favorite thing when I was a kid. Jadon was his usual low key self...

He didn't even seem too fazed by the big slide at the end! (I'll admit, it was a little "scary" going down it with a kid in your arms!)

Jim used the other tickets that came with the Costco pack to go on the "big kid" rides with our students. Too bad I had to take care of Jadon. ;) (He's a great excuse!!!)

At the end of the day, we got to see our friends from church (LaFaithe) perform on a small stage. Jadon had fun dancing to the music and dumping ice on his dad. :)

Fun day! I always loved going to the county fair with my family each summer, so I hope this is a tradition we continue. (And hopefully our friends and family won't always ditch us!) ;)

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