Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Donner Lake

Another catch-up post...

Every year, Jim's family spends a week up at Donner Lake, near Lake Tahoe (and yes, near the famous Donner Pass where the Donner Party ate each other that one fateful winter). Usually, we stay in a relative's relative's cabin (figure that one out), but the snows were so heavy this past winter that the deck and entrance to that cabin collapsed (bummer), so instead of canceling the fun tradition, Jim's parents graciously found another cabin to rent. We spent a week swimming, chasing the kiddos, hiking, chasing the kiddos, reading, chasing the kiddos, playing cards, chasing the kiddos, etc...

For me, the week was a special reminder of God's amazing faithfulness. Two years ago, I was really struggling with our infertility, but the last day of the trip I read Elisha's promise to the Shunammite woman that "this time next year you will hold a son in your arms" (2 Kings 4:21). Last year, we were unable to go on this trip...because we had just brought Jadon home. (For the whole story, read here.) And this year, Jadon and Kylie playing together (kind of) was a constant visual of how God answers prayer.

So here are some pictures of some of the highlights:

Jadon loved coming up to Kylie and getting involved in whatever she was doing. Unfortunately, she wasn't such a fan of his intrusions (he isn't too aware of personal space!). It cracked me up to watch their interactions!

It was pretty funny to watch the dads play with the kiddos, too!Jadon loved the juice popsicles!

Jadon also loved playing with grandma and grandpa. They were kind enough to even babysit the kiddos one night so that Jim and I and Becky and Matt could go out to dinner.

We accidentally found this great restaurant overlooking Truckee. Fun night out! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!The kiddos got to ride in Matt and Becky's packs on our hike at Donner Pass. They were so good!

Hiking is SO exhausting! :o)

It was so weird to be hiking in shorts and all, and then have to trek across these patches of snow. Very cool!

Jadon made a new friend on the beach. (Actually, he only wanted to play with his toys. We're still working on those social skills!)

Jadon loved the long as it didn't go much past his ankles. Actually, I think he was more into the mud... Kylie, on the other hand, LOVED the water, even when she was shivering...Maybe next year she'll be able to coax Jadon to come deeper in with her...

What a fun family time! Next year we look forward to Smart Baby #2 to spice up the mix even more! :)


  1. How awesome. I love tradition + vacation! Our family had one for about 40 years. They make for the best memories.

  2. such a fun time!! cute pics:)