Friday, August 5, 2011

Swim Lessons

Another cool thing we did in June was put Jadon in swim "lessons." It was four 1/2 hour parent-child classes at the local YMCA designed to get babies used to the water, which we figured would be valuable before our Donner Lake trip. Jadon started out tentative but enjoyed the water pretty much, as long as he could keep his head above it all. I don't blame him. I'm still the same way. I made Jim be the parent in the water with him so that I could be the picture taker (and not get cold and wet! ;)).

The second lesson, though, was a bit rougher. It was cold and cloudy out, and Jadon was pretty unhappy from the get go. He was shivering and squawking, and twelve minutes into the lesson, I "rescued" him, only so the entire pool would stop staring at us as the family with the loud kid! Poor Jim, since he was the one in the water with Jadon, immediately got the silent treatment: Jadon refused to look at him no matter how much Jim tried to get in his line of sight, and he just clutched tighter to my neck. Last time this happened was on Thanksgiving, when I tried to feed him solid food for the first time. That one lasted over an hour. So I gave Jadon to Jim and encouraged Jim to keep hugging and smiling, etc. at Jadon, and fortunately, Jadon had warmed up to him again within 15 minutes this time. (Jim kept pleading with him that it wasn't his fault. Mommy was the one who signed him up for the classes! ha!) This silent treatment stuff is funny...but a little worrisome. What's he going to be like as a teenager?!

Lesson 3, we decided to both go in the water with Jadon, and he was fine as long as his arms were wrapped tightly around my neck. Cute kid.

Lesson 4, Jim was gone at a youth conference so I was in the water alone. I was a little worried at first, but it turned out a lot like Lesson 1--tentative, but not crying.

Overall, it was a good experience. All the other kids/babies were a lot happier in the water, but I can't blame Jadon. I'm the same way. On a good note, though, Jadon is enjoying the water more and more, now. As long as he's not cold, and it only comes up to his ankles, he loves splashing and sitting in it and playing around. Most days he plays outside in his little inflatable pool, and we let him crawl around the shower with us. Today, for the first time, he didn't mind walking under the running water and letting it flow over his head. Wow! That's improvement.

The new monkey beach towellI bought for Jadon for his swim lessons: (not sure if he totally appreciated it!)

The rest of the class. Notice how much further out of the water Jadon is than the other 2 boys.

Aww, how cute. I love my boys!

Jadon enjoyed kicking the ball, but once he had to put his head back in the water, it was game over! (He doesn't even like laying on his back at home. Diaper changings usually turn into a creative body twisting endeavor that ends in tears!)

After our final lesson. Yay! We made it! :o)

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