Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunset Park

So, now that I'm caught up for the summer, I'm hopefully going to stay that way. (at least for awhile?)

Today, I experienced the wonder I've been hearing all about all summer: Sunset Park in San Marcos. This place is amazing! By far, the nicest city park I've ever seen (not including Central Park in New York, of course!). It's huge, and has big fields, several playgrounds, nice bathrooms, of awesome splash pad and covered play structure for little kiddos. So, instead of getting ready for school today like most of our teacher pals, unemployed teacher friends Sarah and Lauren and I headed to the park with our little ones. We all had a blast!

Andrew, Jadon, and Danica in different stages of getting wet...
Can you just see the glee on this kid's face, even if I was forcing him to wear his loathed hat?!

Danica and Jadon go down the double slides together...

Oh, and in case you couldn't tell from the photos, Jadon can definitely be officially considered a walker now. (In just the last few days, he went from still crawling half the time to now pretty much only crawling when we're playing chase upstairs)Yay! There are whole new worlds of fun opening up daily!

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