Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running in the Rain

I woke up this morning, and it was all windy and cloudy, but the rain hadn't started yet. So I decided to hurry up and run before it did. Of course, by the time I got ready and started a load of laundry, the clouds had burst. But I was already ready to go, so I decided to continue on with my original plan. I'm glad I did. I came back looking like a wet rat, but there's just something freeing about running in the rain. Stomping in puddles. Feeling the water drip down your face. The invigorating rush of large drops cascading off of tree boughs in the wind...Once you get past the initial shock, it's really quite fabulous. (It didn't hurt that I was wearing my Biola Cross Country jacket, which reminded me of the glory days when I was fast!)

And now I'm clean, dry, and warm, bundled up in sweats...and back in bed.

While it's the perfect day to cuddle up and read a good book, instead I'm going to attempt to WRITE a good book. Not nearly as fun and relaxing, I must say, but how can I complain? I never dreamed I'd get a chance like this. In the sequel of To Save a Life, Jake Taylor is off at the University of Louisville, and here's where I'm stuck. How does one describe in realistic (but not gratuitous, of course) detail a college frat party...when I've never been to one? Hmmm...That's what I'm about to figure out.
(The view from my bed as I write...
There's nothing quite as soothing as the patter of rain drops...
except maybe icecream...)

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  1. ah, a run in the rain...had one of those myself yesterday! i agree, it's pretty invigorating once you get going. we felt like we were die-hards out there. =)
    good luck on the book! hope you got in some good writing!