Friday, February 12, 2010

Silver Lining Award

Thanks to Krissi Dallas of Krissi's Confessions for granting me the "Silver Lining Award." I met Krissi in Texas at our To Save a Life Premiere and was encouraged to find someone living almost my same exact life--teacher, youth pastor's wife, writer, teen-lover, etc...She's so cool! And definitely a worthy recipient of this award.

Apparently, the "Silver Lining Award" is an attempt to recognize "blogs who make an effort to help others or uplift others in some impactful way" and once you get it you're supposed to recognize others who have impacted and uplifted you. I'm humbled and honored to receive the recognition (thanks, Krissi!), and totally excited to pass it on to others...

SOOOOOO, the next winners are....

*drumroll* :o)

Shanti Landon @ Adoption is Our Nutshell: While Shanti and I have only met a couple of times, she is a woman who amazes me. She and her husband have adopted 4 kids through the foster-adoption system, plus they have one by birth. The creative ideas she comes up with for her family are truly inspiring, and her attitude is incredible.

The Merrill Family: This is the first blog I started following, after meeting Chris at church. I have yet to meet his wife, as she has been in Ghana the entire time. They are attempting to bring home their two new kids from there, to join their two kids from Honduras. Wow! What a journey they've been on!

Katie Davis @ The Journey: This is my newest blog addition and I am just blown away by this girl. I hope I get to meet her someday. What an amazing example of what it means to pick up your cross daily and follow Christ. You definitely need to check her out!

These are people who regularly uplift and inspire me, widen my perspective on life, and make me want to be a better person. I hope you can enjoy their positive influence as well.

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  1. You deserve it, Rachel! Hope your weekend is going well! :)