Friday, February 12, 2010

to do lists

I am the queen of To Do Lists. The OCD side of me just loves seeing a tidy long list of things I need to do...and I love even more the glorious feeling of checking each item off! Ahhhhh! (Can anyone feel me on this?)

So, it is Friday night, and I now have a week-long vacation, courtesy of Presidents Lincoln and Washington and Oceanside Unified School District. So what am I doing? Creating my To Do List for this week (yes, I'm a nerd). It doesn't look too daunting in my planner, so I'm posting it here, for accountability's sake:

*Exercise daily, except Sunday (I've been majorly slacking off lately!)
*Do our taxes (this will probably require about a day and a half, if I'm lucky)
*Shred files (after taxes, I need to purge my files every year--about an hour or two)
*Catch up on bills and budget stuff (2 hours?)
*Work on To Save a Life novel sequel (20 hours?)
*Scrapbook (gotta exercise my creative muscles!) (6 pages?...3 hours?)
*Finish reading book club selection, Say You're One of Them, an interesting collection of short stories addressing the resilience of African youth. My verdict is still out on this one. So far it's been a little depressing. (6 hours?)
*Hang out/meetings with various students and friends (6 hours?)
*Doctor's appointment (my final shot getting an alternative opinion on our infertility. After this, I think I'm just resigning to "fate.") (3 hours?)
*Adoption paperwork, including a 5+ page autobiography (5 hours?)
*Catch up on correspondence (i.e. email my sister who I haven't talked to since she left for Israel 3 weeks ago (sorry sis!), and finally mail out the Christmas thank you cards sitting on our kitchen counter (oops!)) (1 hour?)
*Guest room--finishing up a few small projects like hanging a mirror, cutting out holes in the wainscotting for the plug plates, etc. (5 hours?)
*A few other random fix-it projects around the house (5 hours?)
*If time, pursue my research of new carpet for upstairs (when we bought our house 8 years ago, they knocked the price down for a carpet allowance, because it was so shot. 8 years later, we figured it's about time to do something about it...)

Wow...The list kept growing as I typed. If my math is correct, that's about 68 hours of stuff, in addition to normal chores, church activities, hanging out with Jim, time with God, etc. Oh yeah, and I want to watch a lot of the Olympics (we're reinstating cable for a month so we can enjoy them).
Soooooo, now the fun begins...I can't wait to see how much I get to check off by next week!

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