Monday, February 1, 2010

New York Adventures Finale

My favorite part of our trip to New York 2 summers ago was Central Park. I just loved that place. So the only thing I REALLY wanted to do on this trip is go back for a jog there. Of course, I hadn't considered what running in 30 degree weather was like. But Jim was up for the challenge, and I think it was my favorite part yet again. This time I brought my camera so that I could document it. Jim kept questionning, "I thought you wanted to go RUNNING?!", to which I patiently kept explaining that now that I'm a blogger, I have to take more pictures. ;o)

We're huge Law & Order fans (back when we got cable), and we had just watched several episodes while eating cookies and ice cream in bed. Have you ever noticed that most of the victims on that show are discovered in Central Park? And many of them are killed while jogging. So we found it ironic to be greeted with this sign as we entered the park:

Yikes! Fortunately, there were tons of other runners out, and the day was much too beautiful to be scary! Oh, it was lovely!

Then we had lunch at an authentic New York Chipotle (OK, I know...but who wants a deli sandwich when you can have a burrito?!).

And then we had to head back to the airport to head home. Sad, but really, not so sad when you get to go home to San Diego.

aaaaannnnddd...On the trip home Jim and I muscled out an outline for the sequel novel to To Save A Life. It still needs A LOT of work, but we're really excited about where the story might be headed. Our publisher originally gave us a manuscript deadline of May 3 (EEEK!), but just pushed it back a month or two today (WHEW!). Crazy! Who would've ever guessed we'd write one book, let alone a sequel (and I think we're setting it up for a trilogy--everybody's doing it!)...

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  1. That run looks so fun! New York is definitely some place I want to visit some day. And I can't wait to hear more about the sequel(s)!