Sunday, January 31, 2010

New York Adventure Day 2

Saturday was a bit more fun. We finished up at the conference, and then all of the other interviews and such that had been scheduled fell through. So sad. Now we just had to "hang out" in New York. Tough life.

We headed to our hotel, the W in midtown. It's quite the place, let me say!

Then we went to dinner at 212. It came highly recommended, and the ambience and food really weren't bad. But for people like us who think In-n-Out is as good as it gets, the $18 burger really was a little much.

We were also recommended the dessert sampler platter, but Jim had seen another dessert place he wanted to try, so we went off in search of it. (BTW, it's like 20 degrees out, but taxis are such a rip off, so we chose to walk!) Unfortunately we never found it. But we did find a corner market, and took dessert matters into our own hands: cookies and icecream back in our sheeshy hotel room watching TV in bed (since we don't get TV at home, Jim confessed that's his favorite part of these trips).

Fun day! I heart NY!

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