Wednesday, January 6, 2010

City of Oceanside Proclamation

I just got back from my first ever Oceanside City Council meeting. They discussed such scintillating topics as...well, actually, I don't remember. But there was one ranting guy that the police had to escort away. I think he was ranting about corruption, but I'm not sure who/what his target was. He approached me at one point, and I panicked.
So I just smiled.
Maybe that smile made his day.
Probably not.

But I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop smiling because I wasn't at this city council meeting to discuss corruption, or new developments, or senior citizen activities, or the price of tea in China...or the supermarket...I was there because of one little item of business on the agenda.

At approximately 5:42pm, the Oceanside City Council recognized Jim Britts/Steve Foster/New Song Church and their work on the movie "To Save a Life" and declared January 22-24 "To Save a Life Weekend" in Oceanside. Pretty stinkin' cool, you've gotta admit!

I must admit, I'm a pretty proud wifey! :o)