Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Not only is it a new year, but it's also a new decade. Time to try something new: create a blog.
So here I am.
I have no clue what I'm doing.
But here goes.

"What a ride."
Eight years ago, Jim dropped to one knee at a fountain just after we got off the Ghostrider wooden rollercoaster at Knotts' Berry Farm, and said: "In five years, I can't promise you that we'll be rich, or famous, or even that I'll have a full head of hair. But I can promise you that at the end of each day, as we pour our lives into teenagers, we'll be able to look at each other and say, 'What a ride!'"
Boy did he deliver on that one!

God has taken us on a wild and crazy adventure that seems to be only just beginning, and we are constantly repeating that phrase to each other (usually as our heads are dropping onto our pillows before succumbing to sleep!)

This morning, I spent my quiet time reflecting on everything God has done for us this past year/decade. While I have had my share of disappointments, God has been faithful to redeem just about all of them for the better, and the ones that he hasn't yet, I feel excited to see how he will. Then this afternoon, Jim and I spent a long time praying over this next year. It was so cool.

So, here are the twists and turns we're looking forward to breathlessly careening around in 2010:

1. "To Save a Life" movie comes out in 21 days!!!!
Of course, we still need a butt-load of moolah to get it in all the cities that want it, so it's going to be fun to see how God figures out that one! And then it's going to be fun to see how many lives are changed through the message of the film. And I'm sure there are going to be plenty of new adventures related to all this!

2. More writing!
Depending on how well the film does, Jim and I have already started working on a sequel to the novel, as well as another world-changing, teen-empowering movie script. Ha! Who would have ever thunk it?!

3. Kids!!!
We continue our journey down the not-so-fun infertility track, but are meanwhile on the concurrent adoption track and are so thrilled. We had our foster licensing home visit on Wednesday (more on babyproofing later!) and that inspired us to paint the spare bedroom today (pictures later...)...Yea!!! We can't wait to be parents!

4. ???
Inevitably, God is going to throw a few completely unexpected thrills in--just for fun. Can't wait!

So, anyone else out there have some things they're looking forward to God doing in 2010?


  1. Awesome blog so far Rachel!!! I can't wait to catch up soon. Been thinking about you a lot and praying for you :o)

  2. So excited to see you guys as parents!! :D
    I'm leave for a foreign country as a missionary for a year this year!

  3. You want to borrow some of my kids? No, really. Happy New Year, and enjoy the ride! Rob Dris....

  4. God has been so faithful to us through 2009 despite a bad economy and job ending. I'm excited to see us reach towards our financial goals this year and see God do amazing things.

  5. Strong work on your new blog! :D I had no idea you guys were working on fertility stuff. Boo! But so exciting to hear about a possible adoption. Cooool! Can't wait to read more updates. Hi to Jim.

  6. So looking forward to adding you to the plethora of blogs I read on a daily basis. 'Cept, I know you IRL!! (in real life) =) What an exciting year you have ahead of you. Can't wait to see what happens with the next script.

  7. hey, rachel! so excited to see you on the blogosphere! as i've said before, i'm totally stoked about your adoption journey. looking forward to reading your blog, too!

  8. I'm so excited that you started blogging!!! and to be able to stay up on the play by play of your life and enjoy the ride with you!!!! I love you!