Monday, January 11, 2010

I love Oceanside!!!

OK, can I just put it on the record...I LOVE living in Southern California!!!!

Here it is, early January, and while the rest of the nation is suffering under an icy blast, I just went for a post sunset run that was reminiscent of early October. You know, that delicious time of year when the air is fresh and cool, but keeps surprising you with warm patches that remind you of the joys of summer. It's like a tantalizing hug! I love, Love, LOVE it! (Sorry, to those of you who live elsewhere...I'm just saying!) :o)

On a different note, while eating dinner we stumbled across the movie "Serious Moonlight" with Meg Ryan. It didn't make it to theaters, but I thought it was a great look at making a marriage work, for better or worse. And Meg is just so cute!


  1. I have to admit I'm a *bit* jealous of your good weather! My friends and I have been running in the early mornings...while it's dark...and cold...and today, rainy. The joys!
    Never heard of the movie--I'll have to check it out!
    Oh, and I was so excited to read your comment about a BOARD GAME of Sticky Situations! I'm going to look into it it!

  2. I worked on the film Serious Moonlight and it did in fact play in theatres for a few weeks in about 15 cities. Its now on Video-On-Demand and will be on DVD next month I'm told. And, it IS a really fun film!

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  4. Beware...We didn't realize it was rated R until we got sucked in, and it's sprinkled with the f-word...But apart from that, it's a great message!