Saturday, January 30, 2010

New York Adventure

OK, for the record, I do not enjoy adventure. Especially when I'm flying solo. I have a wonderful little bubble of a comfort zone, and I wouldn't mind staying in it forever.

That being said, yesterday was quite the adventure.

Jim and I were supposed to fly to New York together, but due to some last minute interview opportunities in DC, he flew out on Wednesday night.

So I left the house yesterday at 5:45am--alone. I drove down to San Diego--alone. I found the long-term parking Jim always uses and then took the shuttle over to the terminal--alone (the big dilemma was to tip or not to tip??? I didn't :o{...) I boarded the plane and found my seat--alone. And in the seat next to me, where Jim should have been, sat a stranger...I don't believe in coincidences, so I prayed, "Lord use me if you want..." and left it up to Him. It turns out I was sitting next to a guy who is a junior at a local high school, and we spent about half the flight discussing the premises of Buddhism and existentialism (which he and his family believe) and Christianity and how they impact our daily lives in practical application. Would I have had that conversation if Jim had been sitting next to me? Not likely. So I pray that perhaps those five hours of "solo adventure" will have eternal significance.

But my adventure was not over...Oh no, it was only just begun.

I got off the plane, eagerly expecting my dear husband to be waiting for me. But alas, he had another interview scheduled for 5:15, and there was no way he could pick me up and get back in time using mass transit. Bummer! Instead he had studied the maps and gave me the exact plan I should follow--alone.

So I took the air rail.

Eventually figured out which Metro Pass to buy.
Took the E train.

Took the 7 Line.
Took the Q23 bus.
And ended up at room 357 at the Marriott at 5:45, where my husband was waiting for me after the interview was cancelled.
Oh yeah, and meanwhile, it was like 20 degrees (negative on the Celsius scale, which is always a bad sign!).

However, there was a beautiful nearly-full moon out.

And the conference we went to for urban youth and youth workers was pretty cool. (Sometimes it's good perspective to be in the minority, if you know what I'm saying!)
And today, the adventure starts again, but this time I get my partner with me. Yea!

What a ride!


  1. Oh Rachel! I would have been the same way! But I probably wouldn't have made it to the hotel! Hope things go well in NY and you don't freeze your butt off!

  2. Man, I have anxiety just reading that! You and I are more alike than I thought.