Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our "Kids" part 2

Besides "What a ride!" perhaps the second most frequent phrase I've been saying lately has been "This is so surreal!" (what with the movie and all...)

Well, last night I had quite the dose of reality.

Which is a great way to stay grounded!

As mentioned in my previous post about "our kids," I really do love the students we work with, and feel absolutely blessed with the opportunity to pour into their lives. But sometimes...oooh, sometimes!

Last night at youth group, a girl I call often but who rarely comes (i.e. once in six months?) actually showed up. Yea! I was thrilled!...

Then she excitedly announced she had a boyfriend. I groaned. (I know, no big deal, but it really ruins things when they start messing with boys...And their choices of boys...Oy!) So she reassured me by saying, well, it's not really her boyfriend--yet!--but they're "friends with benefits"...Great! Even better!

The night was off to a great start.

Then, two of the girls who have been at odds for the past couple months (something about dating your good friend's ex- just seems to mess a friendship up!) were best buddies again. Sweet!

And then I find out they had JUST been in a fight with another girl (and her boyfriend?!) at Taco Bell before they came to church. Yes, they had bruised knuckles and scratches to prove it. Apparently the girl's boyfriend had pulled a knife on my girl at school and then my girl pushed him so then the girlfriend stepped up and slapped my girl and then my other girl stepped up to defend her friend and...yeah...


Oh yeah, and the one friend has a new boyfriend now (whew! no more rivalry!), and she pretended to be his ex- via texting where he proceeded to pursue hooking up (you know what I mean!) with that ex (i.e. he was more than willing to cheat on her). And her prayer request last night: that she wouldn't be so jealous!


BTW, my girls, if you ever read this, you know I love you. But seriously, now you know where my grey hairs are coming from.


  1. Rach, these kids! Why do we do it?! I know why we do it...

  2. Yikes! High schoolers. Gotta love 'em!